Facial Enhancements

Facial Enhancements

  • Eyelid Lift
  • Nose Refinement
  • Face Lift

Patient Testimonial:

“Dr. Li, Dr. Fulcher, and Staff, You treated me with courtesy and respect, but the care came from the heart. I knew from the first time I met all of you that I was in the right place. I’m thrilled with my results. Thank you, Sandra

Eyelid Lift

The eyes are one of the prime focal points of the face and with aging, a person can look tired and puffy. An eyelid lift (“blepharoplasty”) can rejuvenate the eyes making them brighter and more lively. The procedure removes excess fat and skin to restore the youthful harmonies of the face. See Photos

Nose Refinement

When a nose is not in harmony with the rest of the face, a nose refinement (“rhinoplasty”) can be performed to redefine the profile and shape of the nose. See Photos

Face Lift

As each person is unique, every surgery must be customized to the individual patient in order to address and improve the areas of the face that reveal the signs of aging. By tightening the deeper structures that support the face and restoring youthful contours, a well-rested and vibrant look is returned.